Friday, March 26, 2010


SB- 622

The Select Committee on Seminole Indian Compact Review

Vote: - 12 to 3 with 3 total missed vote

The Select Committee on Seminole Indian Compact Review

Yes Votes

Abruzzo, Chestnut, Gibson, Roberson, Hays,

Poppell, Waldman, Bogdanoff, Galvano,

Robaina Zapata, Gibbons, Patterson,

No Votes
Adams, Coley,

Missed Votes - Brandenburg, Lopez_Cantera, Planas

If you recall in 2007, Governor Crist attempted to pass a Seminole Tribe Compact Agreement without a vote from the Florida House and Senate. This bill will clarify that tribal-state compact executed by the Governor and the Seminole Tribe of Florida on November 14, 2007, is void and not in effect. Provides that the tribal-state compact executed by said tribe and the Governor on August 28, 2009, and August 31, 2009, respectively, is void and not in effect. Designates the Governor as the official to negotiate said compacts. Provides for ratification of said compacts by the Legislature, etc.

The Senate bill that would authorize another attempt at a Compact advanced this week on a 6 to 1 vote in Regulated Industries. The next committee for the bill is General Government Appropriations. Press reports this week indicate that all the parties are coming close to another agreement. The St. Petersburg Times reported on Thursday that “legislators are closer than ever to resolving their differences over a gambling compact with the Seminole Tribe and injecting $450 million into the state budget…

But one big issue still divides them: how far to expand gambling outside of South Florida.”

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