Friday, March 12, 2010

CS/HB 697 Entertainment Industry Economic Development

Bill Sponsor - House Member Rep. Precourt

Senate Version - SB 1430 - Bill Sponsor sen. Haridopolos

As you know, recently such movies as "Fireproof", blind Side" and "To Save a Life" have graced the movie screens across Florida. This legislation will not only open the doors for family friendly movie entertainment to be shown in theatres in Florida by offering tax credits to production companies that film family friendly shows. Also, includes TV Productions. It is time to bring back the old fashioned movies such as has Ozzie and Harriet, Little House on the Prairie and others.

Bill Language:

Family-friendly productions - a certified production determined by the Commissioner of Film and entertainment with the advice of the Florida Film and Entertainment Advisory Council to be family-friendly, based on the review of the script and the review of the final release version, is eligible for an additional tax credit equal to 5 percent of the actual qualified expenditures.

14 favorable votes in the Economic Development Policy Committee

Y - Abruzzo, & - Crisafulli, Y - Evers, Y - Kelly, Y- Roberson, Y - Bemry, Y - Domino, Y - Eisnaugle, Y - Hooper, y - Nelson, y- Thompson, Y - Carroll, y- Hudson, Y - Reed

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