Saturday, July 4, 2009


Read the real truth behind the Global Warming Bill that Congress recently passed and the cost implications for every family.

Take Immediate Action

Contact Congress. and encourage your legislators to vote "NO" on Cap and Trade.

Call and email your Senators:
Senator Mel Martinez (R- FL)
202-224-3041 202-228-5171
Senator Bill Nelson (D- FL) *
202-224-5274 202-228-2183

This bill will only serve to drive up unemployment. Those who want to sell their home will be foreced to comply with unnecessary stringent, burdensome and costly expenses required to bring their home up to code.

The poor cannot afford an added tax or burdensome regulations. Further this bill will result in a reduction of workforce and drive up uneployment by sending jobs overseas. Government will be forced to pick up the cost for any employee who loses a green job under this bill and the taxpayer will pick up the costs.

This bill will drive up energy costs and reduce our national GDP. The Senate should reject any legislation that will destroy capitalism and drive up energy costs - under the guise of dealing with climate change.

Read about the truth behind the lie that government is feeding you regarding global warming.
Heartland reveals truth behind global warming

Alan Carlin, the man the White House loves to hate. Read the article below and decide for yourself. Click on links below

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  1. Great article. I think Cap and Trade would be a disaster. I gave you blog a follow.

    Bluegrass Pundit